Website text update

This documentation shows hom to update text content of website available at:


In order to modify source content, you have to be part of coser project developper to be allowed to commit on repository.

After this autorisation, sources can be retreived with a subversion client:

Repository address is :

Directory layout

Root directory contains 3 maven modules:

  • coser-business : contains all business code (used by both other modules)

  • coser-ui : swing client

  • coser-web : website

In order to modify website content coser-web module will be used.

coser-web module source

In coser-web module, two groups of files concern the modification of text content:

  • src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/content : html pages

  • src/main/resources/fr/ifremer/coser/web : text translation to include in html pages

Indeed, in the html pages, we find this kind of code

<title><s:text name="message.index.title" /></title>

This code define a html page title, with the translation key message.layout.title.

And in files and we find respectively:




Change and commit to the server

You can change the formatting and content of HTML pages. However, it is important to ensure that the contents of translation files are in adequacy with the html.

After making changes, you can commiting these changes on the server with your svn client.


The act of commiting does not mean that the production site will be updated. Indeed, a new stable release must be prepared and installed in production. The changes you make will only be integrated in the next production.

However, it is possible to ask the development team to prepare a new version if your changes were urgent.