The first step is to create a project by providing file paths and parameters.


To do so, display the project creation interface using the menu File/New project. The following interface displays :

This interface must contains:

  • the project name (only alphanumerical characters are allowed).

  • the name of the author (mandatory!)

  • The csv files correspond to the 4 data tables (mandatory!)

  • the maps in shapes format (*.shp) used in the selection step to display the application zone on the world map (optional).

    System Message: WARNING/2 (line 41)

    Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.
  • a comment (optional)

It is also possible to use, only for this project, a specific taxonomic reference file instead of the default file which is part of Coser.


After having clicked on Create project, the 4 data tables and the taxonomic reference file are loaded into memory. The software then checks that the files are in the correct format (CSV, separator, headers names) then creates the project and displays the project summary interface :

Project reopening

To reopen a project previously created, you just have to select it in the File/Open project then click on Open:

It is then possible to go to the control or selection step.